Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Fashion /ˈfaSHən/ 
A popular trend, in style of dress or manners of behaviour 

  Fashion has existed as long as humans have manufactured clothing to put on their bodies. The function and style of these garments have changed, leading to the modern day definition stated above. But what is fashion, today, in the year of 2014? 

If I were to ask you what was a popular trend in the 1950's, you'd say poodle skirt. If i was to ask what was a popular trend in the 70's, you'd say flared pants. But if I were to ask you what a definitive trend or style that applies to our society today, would you be able to come up with a finite answer? no. 

There is no universal trend that can define our society today. Fashion is no longer a popular trend, it is an individualistic expression of how one feels. If you feel like a fairy princess, then god dammit leave the house dressed as one! Fashion is no longer a way to define a society, it is a way for a person to define themselves to society, and create their own place in the world. These are more than just clothes, it's what we live our life in! 

Who Am I? What possible way could I create my space in this world, a space that only I occupy. 
A question I have asked myself for years, and have finally found it 

...And I call it.

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