Monday, 3 March 2014


FRESH /freSH/ 
not previously known or used; new or different. 

    In essence this is the best place to start, fresh. I have never blogged, and god forbid never knew I would. But I am looking for the freshness in life, so eloquently defined above. This is a medium not previously used by me, the individual looking for something new and different in life. This, in short, is my reasoning for starting this blog. 

   My creative muse stems from a Disney Character, Cruella De Ville. Say what you want of her coats made from your family dog Charlie, her style was avant garde. I hope my blog is a learning experience, bringing my own personal sense of style to the world, while simultaneously learning more about myself along the way. Like it or not my style is here to stay, and this is just one way to show the world what I have to offer. 

- Cruella


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